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MethodBox is brought to you by a team from the University of Manchester in the UK, led by Principle Investigators Carole Goble, Iain Buchan and Angela Dale.

MethodBox is part of the Obesity eLab project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and supported by Digital Social Research.

The MethodBox software is developed by the myGrid team and is designed by a joint team from myGrid, the North West Institute for BioHealth Informatics and the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research.

What is MethodBox?

Finding the variables you need to support a particular research question can be time consuming. Wading through hundreds of pages of PDF documents, codebooks and metadata and then trying to find the exact column in a huge spreadsheet can be very frustrating. MethodBox gets you to the variables faster and lets you download only the data you need. You can also share your methods with others to allow them to adopt best practice quicker than before. MethodBox enables you to browse and download data files, share your resources, find fellow researchers with similar interests and share your knowledge. Many of the data sets on MethodBox are provided by ESDS and will require additional account registration with ESDS to download them. Why not start by viewing the data catalogue or watch the video and learn how to search and download variables.

For more information on MethodBox, the motivations behind it, how to use it, how to get involved and how to contact us please see the wiki.

How to find, link and share data with MethodBox

The University of Manchester The eScience Lab, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK

The MethodBox/Obesity eLab project is funded by the ESRCwww.esrc.ac.uk

Part of the Obesity eLab projectDigital Social Research